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Monday, April 4, 2016


Having a Difficult Time Selecting a Gift for Your Loved Ones?

Over the years, I have tried to find the perfect gifts to give to my loved ones for Christmas or for their birthdays.  Recently, I have been finding difficulty in selecting the perfect items, so I took my search to the World Wide Web.  Here are a couple of ideas that may help you give a perfect and heartfelt gift that will guarantee tears of joy!

1.  Conversation-Starter Jewelry:
A)  Memorial Bracelets & Heritage Bracelets:  The bracelet on the left is a Memorial Bracelet I made to remember my father.  My father passed away in 2005.  I was definitely Daddy's Little Girl and spent a lot of time with him as a teenager.  He was my hero and my beacon of hope during a very dark time in my life.  He died two years after I was married.  I wear this bracelet when I'm feeling particularly melancholy for my Daddy.  The bracelet on the right is a Heritage Bracelet I made to honor my eight great-grandparents.  I have received many compliments about this bracelet.  I am asked a lot of questions about it too.  Many people are amazed that I have pictures of all eight great-grandparents.  I tell them that I was fortunate to have many relatives with cameras!  These two bracelets took me about one hour to make using a kit I purchased from  Please see the link below for some other items of interest.

2.  Charming Necklaces:
B)  Both the large necklace and the one in the center with the blue border were made with charms that were purchased from Michael's Craft Store.  I selected two that I liked, purchased them, brought them home, and printed out pictures from my home archives.  This is a quick and cute purchase for a young lady in the family.  

3.  Printed Charms:
C)  In our local shopping mall, there is a kiosk that can take photos from your phone and laser them onto necklace charms.  I had the small heart made with a picture of my father.  The goldish rectangle shows my eight great-grandparents.  

4.  Family Trading Cards:
D)  I must be honest, I LOVE THIS IDEA.  Last Christmas I was looking for a unique idea for my siblings.  I went to the Heritage Maker website and found this awesome template for making trading cards.  Each card represents an ancestor back to my 4x-great-grandparents.  I included some photos, dates, and pertinent information that tells a story.  My siblings loved the gift and my nieces and nephews kept looking through them and asking questions about their ancestors.  Great purchase!  The company is reliable and the cards are printing on high quality and high gloss cards.  

5.  "The Ties that 'Bind'er":
E)  I consider myself a very organized person, so this idea was one of my favorites.  I have made about nine of these binders for friends and family.  The binder is organized from the most recent generation and works backwards.  Using tab dividers and plastic sheet protectors, the information is chronological and neat.  It allows the reader to comprehend the order of their history.  This could be easily made over a weekend.

Thank you for reading and happy hunting!

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